COVID-19: Our Plan to Protect Your Health

COVID-19 - Our Plan to Protect Your Health

Dear Friends of The Comfort Store,

As we have continued living through all the unknowns in the past weeks, one thing remains certain:  Our customers will continue to need compression garments for the health of their legs and bodies.

As of Tuesday, March 24, the Shelter in Place order by Austin-Travis County has changed our policy for in-store service.  Our doors will no longer be open to walk-in customers.

New Customers:  If you are a new customer, please call The Comfort Store at 512-323-6181.  We will have behind the scenes service during certain hours of the day to answer your questions and take phone orders for shipping.  You may be directed to an after-hours number that you should feel free to use.  Compression garments, by their nature, are much more difficult to put on than regular socks.  We can talk with you about your needs for doing self-measuring, selecting the appropriate fabric, and special techniques for putting on stockings.  You may also visit our website to find out about the devices available to help you put on your stockings.  Please visit

If you have a prescription from your healthcare provider, you may fax it to 512-326-8541.

Established Customers:  If you are an established customer and need to reorder compression garments, you may order online for shipping to your home.  You may call The Comfort Store at 512-323-6181 to place your order for shipping to your home.  Feel free to leave a message on our voice mail that will be checked frequently.

Hours:  Due to the Austin-Travis County order to Shelter in Place, we can no longer offer business hours for walk-in customers.  We will be taking phone and online orders for processing.   We will try our best to accommodate your needs without walk-in, in-store service.

Current Stock: Our suppliers have assured us that new stock will continue to be shipped to us.  Their factories and distribution centers are taking extra precautions and are still actively shipping.

These are uncertain and stressful times that are taking us into uncharted territory, but we must all support one another.  Please know that The Comfort Store is here to support you in the safest ways possible.  As our hearts go out to those who have been impacted during this troubling time, we are here for you and are only a phone call away.

Thank you for shopping local. It’s extremely important for everyone to be loyal, local shoppers so that each of your favorite stores will be open and here for you after this difficult time.

Herb & Mur Anne Lawson, Owners & The Comfort Store Team