Adjustable ProLite® 3D Calf Support by FLA

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FLA ProLite® Adjustable 3D Calf support helps to promote healing and to prevent calf muscle injuries.

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Product Description

Adjustable ProLite® Calf Support by FLA is an anatomically shaped knitted product with gradient compression to support and stabilize weak or injured calf muscle (gastroecnemius).  With its unique design, the product helps to reduce swelling, edema, and to control elongation of the injured muscle.


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Size Chart

Small: 11 1/12 - 13 3/8 inchesMedium: 13 3/8 - 15 3/4 inches
Large: 15 3/4 - 18 1/2 inches


  • Easy-to-use breathable and adjustable calf support with gradient compression.
  • Helps to promote healing and to prevent calf muscle injuries
  • Specially designed pressure relief zone covering the highly sensitive injured area for more comfortable wear.
  • Unique Y-shaped strap design for additional adjustable compression.
  • US Patent 7173161

Fitting hints

Measure the circumference of the leg 4 3/4 inches below the center of the patella.


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