Handle for Ezy-As Compression Garment Applicator

( eahan)


Use the Ez-As Handle attachment if you have poor balance, can’t bend at the waist, or have difficulty reaching your feet.  Fits all 3 Ezy-As sizes.  The Ez-As applicator is sold separately.

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Product Description

The Ezy-As Applicator Handle is an optional handle that attaches to the Ezy-As Compression Stocking Aid Applicator. The handle allows users to apply a compression garment without having to bend down. People with limited mobility will find this optional handle attachment very helpful.

The Ezy-As Applicator Handle is designed to fit any size Ezy-As Compression Stocking Applicator.


Instructions included with each handle.  The handle does not need to be applied with each use of the donning device.


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