Motion Comfort 3D Achilles Tendon Support by FLA

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Motion Comfort ProLite® 3D Achilles Tendon Support to help reduce discomfort and pain.

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Product Description

Motion Comfort ProLite® 3D Achilles Tendon support by FLA is an anatomically shaped knitted product.  It’s specially designed to provide targeted support of the Achilles tendon to help reduce discomfort and pain


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  • Pressure-free cuffs for a secure fit with no constriction
  • 3D anatomic fit for comfortable wear
  • Viscoelastic pressure p ads create a massage effect on both sides of the Achilles tendon, helping to reduce edema and swelling
  • Gradient compression of the advanced knitting structure improves blood circulation during movement, promoting healing process
  • Optional heel wedges for additional relief to the Achilles tendon in the acute phase of the treatment.

Care & Fiber Content

Textiles:                 Polyamide, Elastane
Pressure Pads:      PU gel
Heel wedges:         PU gel

Fitting hints

Sized by circumference of ankle measurement taken above the ankle bone.

Small:              7.5" - 8.25"
Medium:         8.25" - 9"
Large:               9" - 9.34"
XLarge:            9.34" - 10.5"
XXLarge:         10.5" - 11.25"

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