Scott Specialties Plus Size Mother-to-Be Maternity Abdominal Support

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The Plus Size Mother-To-Be Maternity Support offers maximum support for carrying multiples or for re-existing back conditions.

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The Plus Size Mother-to-Be Maternity Abdominal Support by Scott Specialties offers maximum support for women with strong symptoms, when carrying multiples or with pre-existing back conditions.  It virtually eliminates low back, leg, and abdominal pain

Mother-To-Be® Maternity Support with Insert is a special support belt made specifically for expectant moms to help provide relief from strained muscles and ligaments. It immediately relieves back pain, as well as abdominal muscle and leg pain, associated with pregnancy by supporting the abdomen. The Mother-To-Be transfers the weight of the abdomen back to the spine where the body carries it naturally. By shifting the weight within the center of gravity, this pregnancy support relieves strain on muscles and ligaments while preventing distortion of the lumbar curve.  Lifting and supporting, it relieves stress from the abdominal muscles and reduces pressure at the pelvis for improved unnecessary compression. Securing with hook-and-loop straps, the maternity support can expand as baby grows. The Mother-To-Be is clinically proven safe and effective.  Designed for insertion of a moldable, plastic insert to create a more rigid fit and stability.  Insert should be molded and applied by a health professional.  Support is available with or without the insert.  Adjustable to fit through term.


  • Provides instant relief:  Relieves the strain on muscles and ligaments by tranferring the weight of the abdomen to the spine where it can be carried naturally.
  • Relieves Abdominal Muscle and Leg Pain:  Lifts and supports the abdomen, reducing presure at the pelvis and improving circulation in the legs.  Pressure on the sciatic nerve is relieved and sciatica is reduced within minutes.
  • Stablilizes the Pelvic Ring:  The normal softening of ligaments during pregnancy can cause discomfort, often as SI pain.  The Mother-To-Be gently compresses the pelvic ring, restores its integrity, and reduces pain.
  • Abdominal Lift Pad:  The large, cushioned Velcro® pad is contoured to provide lift with no undesirable abdominal compression.  Once the two ends of the support are attached, the weight of the enlarging abdomen is transferred back to the spine.

The patented Mother-To-Be® is sized according to pre-pregnancy dress size and will fit throughout the entire term.

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  • Relieves pain in back, legs and abdomen
  • Provides gentle, firm support
  • Doesn't show under clothing
  • Makes you look and feel better
  • Offers convenient hook & loop strapping.
  • Supports securely
  • Made of elastic material.
  • Offers compression and maximum comfort

Care & Fiber Content

Latex-free, special elastic - cool and feather soft.

Hand washing with Jolastic Washing Solution is recommended to protect the elastic fiber and help prevent fading of color.

Fitting hints

Sizes based on pre-pregnancy dress size.

Pre-Pregnancy Dress Size:

  • L(15-18)
  • XL(19-21)
  • XXL(22-26)
  • XXL(27-30)


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