Shrinkx Hips Ultra Postpartum Belt

( usbelt)


Shrinkx Hips Ultra is designed exclusively to narrow  and shrink hips after childbirth!

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Product Description

During pregnancy, the hormone Relaxin expands your hips so baby can pass through the birth canal.  Relaxin stays in your system for approximately 8 weeks after delivery.  Wearing Shrinkx Hips Ultra at this time helps guide hips back to their prepregnancy position.

The  Shrinkx Hips Ultra is the best investment you can make for your body following childbirth.  It’s a long-term investment beyond just getting back into your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans.  By realigning  the pelvic ring with Shrinkx Hips soon after delivery, pain and SI joint problems may be prevented in the future.



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  • Only wrap clinically proven to narrow hips
  • Can be worn 12 hours per day
  • Anti-slip strip to keep belt in place 
  • Includes measuring tape and tracking chart
  • Side straps triple compression for customized fit
  • OB/GYN recommended


Care & Fiber Content


Hand wash; hang to dry.

Hand washing with Jolastic Washing Solution is recommended to protect the elastic fiber and help prevent fading of color.

Fitting hints

Fitting Hints from the Special Addition Fitting Room:

Three velcro adjustments to create a snug fit.  Wear very low on the body - not like a pregnancy belt.

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