Shrinx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap

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Several velcro adjustments make this Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Support one of the favorites at Special Addition!

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Product Description

The Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap helps you lose inches faster off your belly and waist and simply feels good postpartum.

Unlike other postpartum wraps, this one is easy to put in place,  and then make additional adjustments with the side straps for a better fit.  Special breathable fabric that resists rolling and holds firmly.

  • Slims Belly & Waist
  • Lose Inches Faster
  • Speeds Recovery & Shrinks Uterus



Additional Information


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  • Bonus sides straps customize location and level of compression
  • Instantly slims so you look and feel better
  • Reduces swelling, supports core abdominal muscles and returns uterus to its original size
  • Lightweight, comfortable postpartum support
  • Made of latex free, breathable mesh fabric
  • Supports lower back and improves posture while breastfeeding
  • OB/GYN recommended


Care & Fiber Content

Nylon/Spandex.  Latex-free.

Hand wash; hang to dry.

Hand washing with Jolastic Washing Solution is recommended to protect the elastic fiber and help prevent fading of color.


Wear the wrap daily until you are back to your pre-pregnancy size or no longer need abdominal support.  May be worn after c-sections.  Not for use during pregnancy.

Fitting hints

Fitting Hints from the Special Addition Fitting Room:

One of our favorite postpartum supports.  It doesn't roll, is firm but comfortable support, and is so easy to adjust for a triple compression custom fit!

Sizing Guide:
Before delivery measure belly & subtract 3 - 5" to determine size
After delivery use current belly measurements.

  • S/M   Belly measuring 25" - 43"
  • L/XL  Belly measuring 44" - 52"

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