Therall™ Arthritis Care Joint Warming Ankle Support

( j53-j9024)


An ankle support offering heat retention and light compression, the Therall™ Ankle Support is the solution for ankle pain.

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Therall™ Arthritis Care Joint Warming Ankle Support provides light compression for comfortable support.  Ideal for arthritis, weak or aching ankles, overuse or repetitive use injuries and mild strains

Contains unique ceramic fibers that retain heat and slowly reflect it back into the joint and surrounding tissues.  The result is soothing relief and therapeutic heat penetrated deep into the aching ankle, muscles, and surrounding tissues.

  • One support
  • Fits men and women


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  • Retains heat for soothing warmth
  • Provides light compression
  • Relieves ankle pain
  • Improves mobility

Care & Fiber Content

12% Nylon; 25% Polyester; 33% Spandex
10% Cotton, 20% Ceramic Yarn
Latex Free

Hand wash in mild water with gentle soap.  Air dry.  Do not bleach or tumble dry.
Ensure garment is completely dry before reapplying.



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