Susan Kelberlau

Susan has been with Special Addition and The Comfort Store for over 15 years. When The Comfort Store opened in 2005, Susan was the perfect choice for managing the new store. With medical and physical therapy background, she has found The Comfort Store to be a great fit and enjoys the creative problem-solving the job entails. Susan has extensive training in fitting both ready-to-wear and custom stockings as well as compression vests, bras and specialty compression garments. With the many new products that have been introduced over the years, Susan always enjoys educating her customers on these new products and improved fitting techniques. She is dedicated to ensuring that her customers have the right product in the right size.
When Susan is not busy in The Comfort Store, you might find her planning a trip to visit her 2 daughters and 4 granddaughters, and she always looks forward to traveling to see all of them.